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Holes & Stamping

Putting holes in tubing is critical to being able to offer full service tube fabrication. Forming holes can be difficult and G & J Steel & Tubing has over forty years of experience with this operation.

Whether the holes are on the end of the tube, in the middle, single wall, through holes or multiple holes, we can manufacture your parts to the tightest tolerance.

There are four basic ways to form a hole: drilling, piercing with an arbor, blind punching without an arbor and laser. The hole location, tolerance, allowable wall deformation, burr condition, and volume determine the best manufacturing method for a hole. G & J can produce holes using all of these methods with the appropriate equipment and tooling in the highest production volumes.

We can also perform a wide variety of stamping operations including different slot patterns, flattening, ovalizing, notching, dimpling, tabbing, etc.


Punch Press Services

Groove End Form
Holes Punched

Notch End Form

Hole Diameter

0.008 Inch and up

Outside Diameter

0.010 to 3.000 Inch

Wall Thickness

0.004 to 0.125 Inch

Workable Materials


Carbon Steel


Cu Ni


Nickel & Ni Alloys


Stainless Steel


Workpiece Type

Any length or configuration


± .005 Standard
Tighter tolerance available upon request

Production Rate

60 to 1000 Pieces per Hour

Production Rate Variables

Length of part, location, and manufacturing method determine production rates.


Parts cleaned as required based upon hole manufacturing method

Workpiece Length

Any required length


Based upon the drawing our engineering department will recommend the appropriate method of hole manufacturing


Drill presses with single or multiple head drill fixtures
Hydraulic punch presses

Pneumatic punch presses

Industries Served

Aerospace & Aircraft
Air Compressor

Air Conditioner





Gas & Appliance

Heat Exchanger


Utility (Power/Sewer/Water)

Quality Assurance

Cpk 1.67 - 2.0


·  Dimpled

·  Drilled Thru with Chamfer

·  Drilled with Welded Insert

·  Pierced Multiple Holes

·  Pierced with Arbor

·  Stamped Notch

·  Stamped Shape Pattern

·  Stamped with Holes

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