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Tube Bending

G & J Steel & Tubing can do compression and rotary draw bending, enabling us to provide high quality bent parts at the lowest cost to our customers. Mandrel bending is available for tight CLR (centerline radius) bending requirements. All materials are available including aluminum, carbon steel and stainless steel. Fully automated 3-axis and 6-axis CNC benders produce high volume, low cost and accurate parts. X,Y,Z coordinate Bend programming interfaces with our Tube CMM (coordinate measuring machine) to maintain highest repeatability of production lots and to ensure adherence to your design specifications.

Our bent tubes are used in everything from general purpose handles to specialized medical, dental and surgical tubular parts. We also make return bends built to your specifications.

 Compression   Rotary Draw   

Outside Diameter

0.125 to 2.000 Inch

Wall Thickness

0.010 to 0.125 Inch

Workable Materials


Carbon Steel


Nickel & Ni Alloys

Stainless Steel


± .015"
Tighter tolerance available upon request

Production Rate

100 to 700 pieces/hour

Production Rate Variables

OD, bend configuration, CLR, blank length, number of bends

Workpiece Type

Straight Lengths


No lubrication used except for Rotary Draw bending with a mandrel. These parts may require oil removal based upon customer application.


3 Axis Automated Rotary Draw
6 Axis CNC AutoBend

Hydraulic Rotary Draw

Pneumatic Compression

Press Benders

Industries Served

Aerospace & Aircraft
Air Compressor

Air Conditioner





Gas & Appliance

Heat Exchanger


Utility (Power/Sewer/Water)


·  3-Axis CNC Bending

·  6-Axis CNC - Copper

·  6-Axis CNC - SS

·  Compound Radius

·  Compression Bending

·  Mandrel - 180º Bend

·  Mandrel Bend - SS

·  Mandrel U-Bends

·  Press Bend Multi Radius

·  Rotary Draw - Thread

·  Rotary Draw Bend

·  Shear Form Bending

·  Threading with Fitting


3-Axis Bending

6-Axis Bending

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