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Tube Coiling

G & J Steel & Tubing Inc. manufactures coiled tubular parts using several methods including our 6-axis CNC bender, a specially designed coil machine, and a serpentine bender. We can produce any shaped coil including helix, box, double, serpentine, and irregular shaped coils.

Our high quality coils are used extensively in heating, cooling and mechanical applications. We have made heat exchanger coils, condenser coils, oxygen warming coils, oil cooling coils and beverage coils. End forming and tube fittings (compression or flare nut) can be aded to any coil shape.

 Compression   Lathe Style   

Outside Diameter

0.125 to 1.000 Inch

Wall Thickness

0.010 to 0.125 Inch

Coil Diameter

Maximum 31" Coil O.D.
Minimum - CLR = 4 to 5 x O.D. based upon material and wall

Workable Materials


Carbon Steel


Nickel & Ni Alloys

Stainless Steel

Workpiece Type

Straight Lengths


± .030"
Tighter tolerance available upon request

Production Rate

10 to 700 pieces/hour

Production Rate Variables

OD, blank length, number of bends


No lubrication used for most applications


CLR at least 4 to 1
Leg must be outside coil for automated coiling - leg inside design requires manual coiling


6 Axis CNC AutoBend
Manual Coiling Machine

Serpentine Bender

Industries Served

Aerospace & Aircraft
Air Compressor

Air Conditioner





Gas & Appliance

Heat Exchanger


Utility (Power/Sewer/Water)


·  Coil Assembly

·  Double Box Coil

·  Double Round Coil

·  Helical Coil with Nose

·  Oval Coil

·  Pancake Coil

·  Round Coil - Inside Leg

·  Round Coil - Outside Leg

·  Round Coil - SS

·  Round Serpentine Coil

·  Serpentine Coil - Copper

·  Serpentine Coil - SS

·  Single Box Coil


6-Axis Coiling

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